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Hydro Farm allotments are part of a private farm between Blarney and Tower Co Cork.

A hidden piece of paradise that even people living in the area may not be aware about.

The allotments are located on a secluded raised site, bounded by trees which form a shelter belt.

Security is not a problem as the allotments are only reachable by private roadway, and Zwena McCullough  the allotment owner lives on the farm.

We run Events & Workshops during the year with experts from far and wide covering topics like composting, bee keeping and general garden maintenance.

Zwena McCullough
Hydro Farm Allotments, Tower, Blarney, Co. Cork.
Tel: 087 2333183 Email: hydroallotments@gmail.com

Growing Your Own Vegetables

  • We offer help/advice and  good ground to grow delicious food
  • The soil is rich, dark, deep and organic. It has full sun in the summertime and is south facing.
  • Plot Size:  Each plot is about 6M X 12M with all weather pathways leading to all the plots.
  • The water is deep well water with no added chemicals or chlorine and is free to the plotters to use for watering their plots. There is one shared tap per 4/5 plots.
  • Compost and Mulch: There is an abundant supply of well-rotted manure and Mulch on site, free to all ‘Plotters’ for their plots.
  • The New Event Centre, For Courses/ Workshops and Entertaining.
  • Courtyard:  We have a large walled Courtyard with a Barbecue, where people can sit and have a bite to eat/cook up or just relax in the sun and have a chat
  • Tool Shed, There is a Tool Shed available to keep your garden tools. Some plotters opt to have Sheds/Poly Tunnels/Glasshouses on their plots where they keep them.
  • Tea Room/Potting shed:  This is off the Courtyard where there is a fridge to keep milk, sandwiches etc. while in the garden. This is a fun place where people can have a chat or a sandwich or even pot a few plants on a rainy day. We have Free Range Eggs from our poultry in the fridge, when available.

There is a large all weather car park adjacent to the Plots and Toilets on site for your comfort.
Opening times:  The Allotments are open from February 1st. to the 31st. December each year and open all day every day during this time.

July Courses/Workshops