CORK. Tel: (087) 233 3183


Allotments:  There are 42 allotments, Which are about 6m X 12m in size with Deep Well Water taps throughout the plots, all weather pathways leading through the plots and to all main areas. Our Allotments form the heart of the Hydro Farm with over 50 active ‘Plotters’. It is a place where you can come and garden and make new friends or just chill out. Our Plotters are supported by our wonderful New Event Centre, Workshops/Courses, a  colourful courtyard with Barbecue, Potting Shed/Tea Room with electric kettle, sink and seating. We keep various animals ie geese, lambs, ducks and hens in the summertime.

The Garden School course is run in 8 sessions over 4 months and will show you how to stat gardening, make raised beds, what to grow, plant fruit, flowers, vegetables and herbs, prepare the soil, make your own organic plant feed, How to protect your plants, Strawberry Bindis and Portable Herb Gardens, and much, much more.

The course will see the garden grow and it is hands on everyone as we create a wonderful Model Garden. It is a really fun course for both beginners and growers. This is a free class and everyone is welcome.

Please book if you are not in our Allotments. 087 2333183.

Fruit tree/bush planting allowed: Yes, We have lots of fruit already growing including: Apples, Pears, Plums, Green Gages, Figs, Grapes, Raspberries, Strawberries, Currants (White, Black and Red) Loganberries, Japanese Wine Berries, Blueberries and have wild Blackberries, Raspberries, elderberries and field mushrooms in season.

Sheds/Greenhouses/Poly Tunnels allowed: Yes, we encourage Plotters to have their own spaces and to grow throughout the season.

Help available on site: Yes, Zwena has a plot on site and you can join our Garden School where you can learn hands on how to garden. We also have a bank of allotment members that have been here for years with many years gardening experience, who will willingly share advice, seedlings or surplus harvest.

Well rotted Horse Manure and Mulch is available on site, free for our Plotters to use on their Plots.

Storage: Yes, a Tool shed where tools can be kept.

On-site car parking:

Amenities:  Parking, Toilets, 42 Allotments, Potting shed, Tool Shed, Manure, Deep Well Water, Deep rich Dark Free Draining, South Facing, Organic soil, Rabbit fenced and a wonderful community of lovely Gardeners.

New for 2012: We have a wonderful new bright Event Centre, with a large meeting room where our courses and workshops are run.

To become a Plotter please call 087 2333183. We have 1 plot left so come and join us and have a year filled with good things to grow, eat and lots of fun people to meet.